Friday, 21 February 2014

New Year. New Me. (5:2 My Life)

So I am just going to get straight to it. I know that it is pretty much the end of February and that means we are 2 months into a new year but I am going to start my resolutions now. Well I'm not sure whether it is a resolution or a change of lifestyle because lets face it a lot of us don't really follow through with the whole New Years resolution thing. (Well I know I don't anyway :/) So this year I am taking on the challenge of improving my life. But anyway, lets hope this works and maybe I will be able to inspire some other people to try this challenge.

Right, so basically during the week I saw an article on the Independent website about how the Guardian Journalist Emma Cook had take the 5:2 diet and applied it to different areas in her life and wrote a book called 5:2 your life. The basic premise is that you spend 2 days a week doing something in your life totally different and the other 5 days doing it the same as usual. The premise behind the 5:2 diet was that you would fast 2 days a week and the other 5 days would be normal days. But if you apply it to the rest of your life you can apparently make a lot of changes for the better that you may have never thought about trying before. For example the author said that she cut out screen time for her and her family 2 days a week and found that even though it was very difficult to stick to in the beginning after awhile she found that the family were talking more, it improved her relationships and made her much more productive. I know that this is definitely something I need to improve on because I find myself checking Facebook or Twitter all the time even though I just looked at it and nothing has changed.

So at the moment I am reading the book and am going to try to implement some changes in my life and I will be writing about my experiences and about what I think is working or not working (or how I make it work for me) (Obviously not on days that are screen free.) And I hope that it does work for me and that I can maybe inspire someone to take the challenge with me. One change that I am going to put in place straight away is 2 days a week will be healthy vegetarian meals so that I can cut down my meat intake and improve my health. If anyone has anything they do in regular life that they think could be helpful to my goal of becoming, healthier and more efficient, I would really like to hear it and would appreciate the help :) And if anyone else has read the book or is reading it now and wants to set a challenge for me or just tell me how they are getting/got on I would really like to hear from you :)

Stardansheill o7


  1. So glad to see you posting again... I have never been very good at New Year's resolutions ... I however made a decision in June to finally get healthy and I have lost almost 70 pounds and I walk a lot... eat healthy a very good percentage of the time... This book sounds very interesting... I will have to look it up...

    I did give up TV for 5 full months and now I only watch 1-2 hours per week... that has been a great thing :) Good luck with all your goals, you can do it :)