Monday 23 April 2012

Earth Day

Week 15 Day 6:

So yesterday (22nd of April) was Earth day. For those who do not know what Earth Day is, it is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment. It is organised globally by the Earth Day Network and more than 175 Countries celebrate it every year. There were events organised all over the world, but unfortunately I have no idea if there was one organised in Ireland anywhere. I for one am very fond of our Earth and its Environment and want to see it continue forever, so I am totally in favour of Earth Day and think everyone should make an effort to be more green in their lives. We all get so used to taking things for granted in our lives that we forget it could be causing catastrophic damage to the Earth. It is really easy to make small changes that can make a big difference.

Things you can do.
  • Don't leave things plugged in all the time using electricity.
  • Don't leave your appliances on standby. 
  • Use the bus or car pool or cycle to work rather than traveling in your car alone. 
  • Use energy saving bulbs.
  • Recycle as many things as you can. 
  • Use non renewable resources less. Such as gas, coal, and oil. If you think you need to put your heating on, put a hoodie on and see if that makes it better. 
  • Plant more flowers in your garden to help reduce Carbon Dioxide levels. 
  • Turn lights off in your office or home when they aren't being used. 
  • Search the internet for low cost tips and ideas. Nvenergy is an example of the kind of website I'm talking about.
The Earth is precious to us all and is what keeps us alive and we should treat it kindly. If we continue to do what we do we will cause more and more problems. Everyone has heard about global warming and I am sure you don't want to hear another lecture. So I will just ask you think about it this way. Would you like to be treated the way we treat the Earth? I highly doubt it. So please try and do more things to become more green. 

This is a link to a section on the Earth day website that asks you to ledge to a green act. Please take a look and see if you can do any of them.

An amazing blogger All Things Good talks about Earth Day. 

Thank you for reading my rather short entry. I hope people out there see this and decide to take action to be more green. I know I will be doing more research into new ways to be more green at home. I try my best, but it can be tough. We recycle as much as we can and have created a compost bin. We also try not to use much electricity during the day if we can help it. 

Hopefully together we can all make a change for the better :)

Stardansheill o7


  1. Launna4/23/2012

    Thanks for posting, I totally agree with you, this earth is beautiful and we all need to do our part to take care of the Earth. :)

  2. Jamie Jordan4/24/2012

    Every day, people are using the fossil fuel equivalent of all the plant matter that grows on land and in the oceans over the course of a whole year. Scary but true fact.

  3. I've linked you at the bottom of my Earth Day post